A01 H.S. Ahn : Secondary electron emission and sputtering characteristics of MgO surfaces  
A02 S.A. Ahn : Extreme and exact calculation of Hubbard and t-J models through quantum Monte Carlo diagonalization method  
A03 T. Bazhirov : Cavitation in liquid Pb and Li under negative pressures  
A04 Y.H. Chang : Lattice vibrations and structural phase transitions in In/Si(111)
A05 S.W. Han : Oxygen vacancy in transition metal oxides
A06 S.D. Kenny : Multiscale modelling of nanoindentation
A07 Y.S. Kim : Asymmetric-dimer-symmetric-dimer mixed phase on tensile-strained Si(001) surfaces  
A08 Y.J. Kubota : An efficient numerical method for exciton states in quantum boxes  
A09 G. Lee : Adsorption energies of Al, Ga, In, Tl on Si(111)-7x7  
A10 I.H. Lee : Dynamic pathway explorations via action-derived molecular dynamics  
A11 T.C. Leung : Interesting properties of the work function of carbon nanotubes : a first principles study
A12 J.K. Nilsen : Python in scientific computing: applications to Bose-Einstein condensates  
A13 Y.J. Park : Adsorption Pt atom on defective carbon nanotube walls: density functional approach  
A14 K. Shiratori : Electronic structure calculations at constant chemical potential toward the application to electrochemistry  
A15 A. Yanilkin : Atomistic simulation of structural transformations and fracture in Fe and Al single crystals  
A16 Y.S. Yun : Ab initio study of planar faults in bcc Fe and Mo  
A17 O. Efimov : Carcinogenic activity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in first-principles  
A18 A. Hasmy : Quantum calculations of the thermodynamics properties in some metal clusters
A19 K. Hayashi : Atomistic mechanisms determining the threshold velocity of wearless sliding friction  
A20 Y.K. Jung : Velocity inversion in nanochannel flow
A21 S.P. Kim : Molecular dynamics study on the surface structure evolution of Au and Pd by high energy Ar bombardment
A22 B.R. Lee : Dielectric constant of ultrathin oxide material  
A23 G.J. Lee : Comparison of trajectory based methods to find transition states  
A24 K. Nobusada : Electric currents in ring-shaped molecules induced by circularly polarized laser pulses  
A25 N. Omote : Contribution of the lattice properties to wearless sliding friction  
A26 E. Pogorelov : Correlated configuration interaction for atomic and molecular structures
A27 C.C. Su : Quantum transport studies on atomic-sized conductors
A28 J.N. Yeo : Oxidation of step edges on vicinal Si(001) surfaces: a first-principles study electronic structures and valence band splitting
A29 M.Y. Yi : Condensation and evaporation of a nano-sized particle under motion in a gas