D01 J.E. An : The design of the application and service platform for grid pilot services  
D02 S. Fujiwara : Molecular dynamics study of micelle formation in amphiphilic solution  
D03 M. Gaillard : Calculation of N2 emission spectrum for gas temperature measurements in DC magnetron discharges
D04 J.G. Hahm : KMI-R1: g grid middleware package for K*Grid  
D05 O. Inovenkov : Intermediate asymptotics in urbanistic problems  
D06 H.J. Kim : A study on a data dissemination mechanism for grid environment  
D07 J.H. Kwak : Development of web-based grid service platform for K*Grid infrastructure  
D08 S. Laurent : Magnetic field simulation for magnetron sputtering optimization
D09 D.W. Lee : A quadratic string-driven boundary following method for locating transition states