B01 H. Abbasi : Vlasov model using kinetic phase point trajectories for the study of BGK modes  
B02 H.N. Chang : Particle simulation of a magnetized double frequency CCP (capacitively coupled plasma)  
B03 H.R. Choi : A new reset waveform with negative ramp pulse in ac PDP  
B04 J. Choi : The striation in magnetron sputtering  
B05 S.M. Choi : Two-dimensional fluid simulation of large area plasma source with parallel resonance antenna  
B06 S.Y. Chung : Generation of single attosecond UV/XUV pulses via the interaction of femtosecond high-power laser with electron bunch
B07 T.H. Chung : Theoretical model of cylindrical Langmuir probe for low-pressure electronegative discharges  
B08 Y.J. Hong : Influence of magnetic field in a micro hollow cathode discharge  
B09 I.M. Hwang : Characteristics of laser-accelerated electron beams
B10 P. Jelinek : Combined Monte Carlo and fluid model of plasma-solid interaction  
B11 S.G. Jeon : Three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation of THz reflex klystron
B12 J.H. Kang : Particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo collision simulation of CF4 discharge in capacitively coupled plasma reactors  
B13 G.J. Kim : Evolution of the electron energy distribution function in pulsed micro hollow cathode discharge.  
B14 S.M. Lee : Paschen breakdown curve by one-dimensional PIC-MCC simulation  
B15 S.H. Lee : Two-dimensional fluid simulation of VHF_ICP source with parallel resonance antenna  
B16 P.R. Levashov : First-principle calculations of crystallization in two-component quantum plasma
B17 M. Mokeev : Simulation of the arc torch chaotic dynamics
B18 Y.S. Na : Predictive modelling of advanced Tokamak scenarios  
B19 B.H. Park : Study on ICRH and FWCD for KSTAR operation scenario  
B20 G.Y. Park : PIC/MCC simulations for magnetron sputtering  
B21 Y.S. Seo : Improvement of luminous efficiency in a mercury-free flat fluorescent (FFL) lamp by using fluid simulation  
B22 S.H. Shin : A Tunable Coherent IR Radiation Source based on a Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission Free-Electron Laser  
B23 J. Simek : Computational study of negative ions influence on plasma sheath formation  
B24 C.T. Hung : A new paradigm for solving plasma fluid modeling equations  
B25 M. Turner : Kinetic properties of particle-in-cell simulations compromised by Monte Carlo collisions