S01 J. Bantang : Characterization of 1D cellular automata dynamics using thermodynamic properties
S02 J.Z. He : Performance optimization for the magnetic Brayton refrigeration cycle  
S03 J.W. Lee : Complex networks in stock markets  
S04 S.J. Lee : Nonequilibrium critical relaxations of the order parameter and the energy density in the two-dimensional ferromagnetic Potts model
S05 G.C. Lim : Dynamical models of high-frequency data analysis in financial markets  
S06 G.M. Nam : Conformational evolution of a semiflexible chain under an external force  
S07 C.H. Park : Collective opinion formations in social interactions  
S08 Y. Sakaniwa : Numerical study on critical exponents of hyperbolic Ising lattice  
S09 T. Tatekawa : Phase transition in d-dimensional long-range interacting systems