StatusUntil July 15th
Academician (full)US$ 400
Non-academician (full)US$ 600
StudentUS$ 175
RetiredUS$ 100

The fee covers
  • attendance at all sessions
  • coffee breaks and refreshments
  • a copy of proceedings
  • a souvenir bag
  • a book of abstracts
  • a banquet ticket (for full registration)
Add US$ 50 to register at the site.
Banquet tickets can be purchased on site until August 28 for KW 50,000 (KW 40,000 for a spouse).

On receipt of your payment or credit card guarantee, a confirmation letter will be sent to you.

CANCELLATIONS will be assessed a US$ 50 cancellation fee regardless of the reason for canceling. Cancellations must be received in writing by August 8 for full refund. After August 8, the fee will be refunded with additional US$ 150 deduction. Total deduction will not exceed the fee.


On-line registration is closed now. Please ask the secretary to get the registration form. US$ 50 or KW 50000 surcharge will be added to the regular registration fee and only the bank transfer will be accepted. A souvenir bag will not be given to late registrants as the bags are pre-ordered according to the pre-registration information.

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